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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in lunatic__high's LiveJournal:

Monday, July 8th, 2013
7:18 pm
Still here part 2
Though it would be nice to read over from time to time.
7:17 pm
Still here
Yeeeep. Still want to keep this one.
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
4:46 am
i'm bored! and this is totally not Rhys
hm. Jacks gotta really boring lj

he doesn't even post on here.

now he's sitting on the couch and watching tv which I think means he just shot up.

i mean... this is really Jack. not at all Rhys. nope/ >.>

*runs away*
Friday, September 9th, 2005
9:43 pm
Because if Zhi doesn't have anything better to do than post in his LiveJournal, Jack sure doesn't either!

1) Jack likes the ladies, too. He broke up with his last serious girlfriend a couple of weeks before meeting Rhys, the leader of Midgar's largest girl gang.

2) It's not just Zhi and Luca. Jack would like to sleep with all his coworkers. Especially Baldur - he bets she'd be wild once you got her clothes off. Hey, he remembers what it's like to be a kid on the streets wanting to do the Turks; just 'cause he's a Turk now doesn't mean he's stopped.

3) From the above, it's pretty obvious what Jack thinks about during meetings at work most times.

4) Jack secretly loves happy, perky, bouncy dance music.

5) When not at work (when it's always on silent mode) Jack's ringtone is set to his favourite happy hardcore song of the week.

6) Jack not-so-secretly also loves to dance. Especially to these songs.

7) Jack's first and only pet was a one-eared rat named Mr. Squeakers, who died when he was fourteen.

8) Jack left 'home' at the age of twelve, but he wasn't really living there most of his life. It was just a place to sleep when he didn't have anywhere else to go, and not much better than the streets. His mom was working or dusted or sleeping 90% of the time, when she wasn't throwing shit at him and reminding him that, if she'd had the gil, he would never have been born.

9) At one point, Jack earned more than the collective income of all of the Turks combined - including Drake. Most of that went to supply and overhead, but that is why...

10) ...Jack has seven different bank accounts, all of them numbered and unlisted.

11) Jack started learning how to read and write after joining the turks at age 22.

12) Despite this, Jack is very good with numbers, and with money.

13) Jack has left Midgar twice in his entire life: once to Junon and once to Kalm.

14) ...And spent both trips heavily sedated. Jack is also afraid of wild animals, because he can't tell which ones are going to bounce around and eat flowers and grass, and which ones are going to start breathing fire and start trying to eat him.

15) Jack had been in the Shinra offices countless times before becoming a Turk, though always as a guest and never an employee.

16) On one of these visits, he caught two SOLDIERs making out in the elevator, and still thinks about it at night. Come show Jack some love, Luca. Or... show someone some love, so Jack can tape it.

17) Jack really likes to watch. He's known this since he was very young. Probably why he's dating a stripper, eh?

18) Okay, so Rhys isn't really a stripper, he's a hooker, but don't be down on hookers - Jack's mom was one too.

19) Jack always remembers Rhys' birthday and other special occaisions. Like clockwork. (Easier to get some this way, trust him.)

20) It occurs to Jack that this is pretty much all about sex, money, and his job. But that isn't all there is to Jack - aside from the techno music - one big piece is missing: and that would be... his love of the opera. Really. Lots of love for the opera, 'cause lots of... hot chicks... Okay, you're not making it up, Jack really does spend most of the time high.

Current Mood: bouncy
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